Welcome to Mary Macarthur Holiday Trust

The trust aims to help qualifying applicants some financial assistance towards holidays for women who are in need of a period of rest or holiday by reason of age, poverty, infirmity, disablement or social or economic circumstances. 

What help is available?

The trust helps towards the cost of a holiday for successful applicants.

We try and help as many women as possible each year..

Therefore the maximum available financial assistance the trust can provide for each successful applicant per holiday is 350.

If the cost of the chosen holiday is more than 350.00, the deposit must be paid by the applicant, before the holiday grant can be paid.  The trust Administrator must receive a copy of the holiday booking receipt, showing payment of the deposit.


Trust News

It is with sad news that Miss Rita Stephen has retired as Trustee from the Committee. This is after decades of dedicated service and valuable contribution. We all wish her a long and happy retirement after all her hard work.

Miss Rita Stephen & MR Ian KershawRita & Lena

         Miss Rita Stephen & Mr Ian Kershaw                             Miss Rita Stphen & Mrs Lena Sharp
                       (Chair/Treasurer)                                                   (GMB Delegate replacing Rita)